Leader in grain processing!

We are a European leader in the scope of grain processing for food industry. Our specialists buy directly from farmers from all over the world the best quality raw materials, which then go to our modern, technologically advanced production line, where they are carefully checked and cleaned. After this process, prepared and packed grains are delivered to national and international recipients: bakeries, oil producers, bakery mix producers, packagers of grains and dried fruit, confectionary factories, bakery and confectionary wholesalers. Within our second area of operation we import dried fruit and sell it to production plants.

Every year we process thousands of tons of raw materials from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova and even the world’s most remote areas, such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Chile, Turkey, India and Pakistan. Thanks to the modern, strategically located large warehouses and own fleet we are able to realize the biggest orders for the clients from all over Europe in a quick and agile way. Our constant care for service quality is proved not only by international certificates, but also by the trust of our long-standing customers.

What distinguishes us:

Technology, quality, safety

The high class, advanced technical solutions which we apply guarantee safety and high quality of the products. Our modern technological lines are equipped with metal detectors, X-ray scanners and Sortex with infrared, ingas technology. Besides, our raw material are tested in accredited external laboratories, and some of their parameters, such as cleanliness, humidity, organoleptic characteristics are tested in our internal research department.

Knowledge, professionalism, openness

We have unique market knowledge and experience which enable us not only to execute orders in line with the highest required standards, but also ensure our clients counselling and support in planning purchase and sales processes. We negotiate for them the best prices and keep up with trends in order to be able to recommend the most advantageous contracting options. We are proud of the timeliness of our deliveries and flexible approach which allows us to promptly and effectively respond to arising challenges and difficulties.

Central location

A convenient location in the very heart of Europe on the one hand allows us to quickly obtain raw materials from the East of Europe, and on the other hand quickly make deliveries to the customers from the Western Europe. Our headquarters and warehouses are situated in Rzgów, 10 km from Łódź, next to the traffic junction connecting A1 motorway with S8 express road.

Our products

We offer a wide range of high quality food and feed products.